Solania San Marzano 'DOP Peeled Tomatoes

San Marzano tomatoes are the pinnacle of Italian tomato varieties. Grown in the Campania region of Italy, in the shadow of Mt. Vesuvius. Rich volcanic soil due to the proximity to an active volcano and a Mediterranean climate create the perfect environment for growing this unique product.

The tomatoes are whole, peeled and canned in juice. Rich deep brownish red in colour, with firm flesh and minimal seed. The tomatoes can be added to recipes whole and crushed with the back of a spoon or can be pureed before use.

San Marzano tomatoes can be used in any recipe requiring tomatoes but are best used for making flavoursome pasta and pizza sauces.


65% whole peeled San Marzano Tomatoes, San Marzano Tomato Juice & Salt

28 oz liq | 796 ml

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