Fundraising Made Easy

We offer a turnkey experience that allows organizations to raise funds while offering high quality local products that families love. Our gift card program is designed to maximize proceeds to your organization and minimize the logistics associated with fundraising. Please note that our fundraisers are intended to support organizations including schools, sports teams and other extracurriculars in communities supported by a Ribeye Butcher Shop location.

How it works?

Fill out the form below. We will provide custom marketing materials, order summary forms and receipts to support your fundraising campaign.

Sell as many gift cards as you can and track your sales on the order summary forms.At the end of your fundraising campaign, submit your order summary to us. Gift cards will be loaded with the specified denominations and organized for easy distribution.

Pick up your gift cards at your local Ribeye Butcher Shop, pay for the gift cards, less the 15% profit you keep for your team or organization.

Bonus for the organizer! We recognize the time and organization required to coordinate a quality fundraising campaign and want to say thank you! We always have a surprise (or two!) in store.

Do gift cards expire? Our gift cards do not expire

When is payment due? Upon pick up of your gift cards

How long should we run a campaign for? We recommend a 1-2 week campaign and also have some fun and effective strategies we'll share with you to maximize funds for your fundraising goal.

What denominations are available? Gift Cards can be purchased in any denomination. We suggest offering $25, $50 and $100

Community Fundraising

Tell us about your community group!