Ribeye Butcher Shop at Edmonton International Airport

Apr 01, 2023

Will it be a full service butchery?

Yes, old time quality cutting of all proteins will be available.

How is it packaged?

All cuts, steaks and chops are vacuum packaged individually and can be chosen from our freezer or cut fresh by our team of butchers and packed on ice.

Do I have to check my great meats?

No way! Depending on the size you will receive a small freezer bag with ice or a compostable cooler that is FDA approved to fit in the overhead bins

Will you have your deli meats and prepared foods?

You betcha, all items will be available.

Where are you located?

Once you've gone through security. Domestic departures. Across from Gate 66 

Can I get great beef to take around the world if I’m in international lounge?

Yes, we have a concierge service that will hand deliver your order within 30 mins of calling YEG Ribeyes or ordering online.

Is this an April Fools Joke?

Yes, it is! While shipping across Canada is one of our goals, right now we only offer super quick service across Alberta.  Receive a free Ribeye toque with every online order of a value bundle.  Valid for April. To receive your free toque, add it to your cart along with any value bundle or box and then use the promo code APRILEH at checkout

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