2023 Tomato Food and Drink Top 100 Things to Eat and Drink in Edmonton

Mar 05, 2023

Honoured to be included in this year's 2023 Tomato Food and Drink Top 100 things to eat and drink in Edmonton and can't wait to eat and drink our way through the entire list.

Here's what readers had to say:

This new St. Albert butcher shop, which opened in November, has made waves already with their offerings, including the made-to-order smash burger. “The dry-aged steak melted in my mouth. My nine-year old (who might be the pickiest eater I know) asked me the next day if we can make the steak we had for dinner last night again,” Trevor Y. “The best burger! The quality of the meat was next level and customized with the toppings I love. I got to eat it in-store with an order of dirty fries and a cold beer while the staff prepared my dinner roast—delish!” Sara D. “Great selection of deli meats and cool sauces and a fresh and juicy smash burger and so cool to find it tucked in the back of a real butcher shop.” Mike W.


Full list of winners available at the Tomato

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